::: Application Areas :::

High-tech aero-engine field
Craftsmanship and technology empowerment
Civilian high-tech field Technology
frontier Green manufacturing

::: Company Profile :::

Shenyang Jinyan Laser Remanufacture Technique Development Co., Ltd,

Established in 2006, it has passed the GJB9001C-2017 national military standard quality management system certification, was awarded as a high-tech enterprise in 2016, and is the second batch of remanufacturing pilot unit of the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the direction of gas turbine remanufacturing. It is committed to the re-efficient use of damage failure of aero-engine parts, ground combustion engine hot-end components, petrochemical equipment, metallurgical coal equipment, energy power equipment and components, etc., and provides customers with complete laser repair solutions. The company's production technology is derived from the practical high temperature alloy laser surface modification technology, high performance super nickel-based alloy repair technology and ultra-high strength steel repair technology invented by Wang Maocai, a researcher at the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, and has its own process technology characteristics. We have served hundreds of customers from domestic to foreign countries, from small enterprises to nationally renowned military enterprises.

::: Business Advantages :::

Professional Customization

A strong research and development team to develop tailor-made restoration solutions

Quality Quality Control

We have our own laboratory and industry-leading testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

Innovative Technologies

Our technology originates from the Laser Surface Modification Laboratory at the Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Marketing Market

Five technical systems to meet the needs of welding and repair of different materials

Service First

The repaired product meets the manufacturer's inspection standards and meets customer satisfaction.

Energy Saving

Maximise national energy savings and achieve green remanufacturing