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Gas turbine equipment

About gas turbines

The manufacture of hot-end components of gas turbines can represent the basic industry level of a country, gathering the cutting edge of national scientific and technological strength. The repair and re-manufacture of hot-end parts is a complex and rigorous process. At present, There is no professional, standardized and standardized enterprises in domestic gas turbine blades and parts repair. Our company is the only one who has work experience in the area of repairing gas engine hot components. Our company has established a set of independent intellectual property rights maintenance system based on 40 years of maintenance experience and theoretical basis combining with the maintenance procedures production of GE company, to give customers with security.

Our company was rated as "Liaoning re-manufacturing pilot units" by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Heavy-duty gas turbine

Reburning units are mainly used for power generation and power for the purpose of long-term operation. So the turbine blades is big with thick wall, which mainly select solid leaves. But because of the continuous improvement of performance and increasing of combustion chamber temperature, High vortex blades also use hollow air-cooled structure, which mainly use crude oil, oil and gas, blast furnace gas, coke gas as the combustion medium and have high temperature requirements resistance to avoid changing performance. Power generation can also apply with diesel, such as carrier-based gas engines.

♦ Key component repair






Site repair

♦ we went to Ghana power plant for gas repairing in 2016, after welding unit repair, the unit efficiency increasing 2%, energy consumption decreasing 30%, business direct benefits increasing 70 to 80 million yuan.

♦ Daqing gas turbine repair

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