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Party building work

The Party was established on November 6, 2020, and currently has four members. The company has also been making efforts to strengthen the ideology, organization, style, anti-corruption and system construction of our branch, promote the work of party building to a new level, and provide a strong political and organizational guarantee for the sustainable and harmonious development of the company.

Innovation capacity

The company's technology originates from the Laser Surface Modification Laboratory of the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it is on the basis of this good scientific research foundation and excellent research and development heritage that the company has an internal technology development centre and a laboratory that can analyse the internal organisation of metals. After ten years of development, the company now has five technological systems: laser welding system, micro-arc welding system, high-temperature welding system, spraying system and special welding system. The laser welding system has one advanced 500W fibre optic cutting laser, two YAG solid-state lasers, one 2000W, 3000W and 4000W all-solid-state laser, and one 6000W CO2 laser. The technologies derived from this system are: laser 3D fusion casting growth technology, micro-integrated welding technology, laser directional epitaxial growth technology (patented technology), laser titanium alloy surface original autogenous TiC hardening technology, and laser isotropic surface hardening technology.

The micro-arc welding system includes the patented product "Multi-functional micro-arc additive manufacturing machine" with independent intellectual property rights, as well as dozens of "metal surface strengthening and repair machines" with different power and different applications according to customer requirements, and also in the upgrading and improvement of this product We also carry out research and development work to upgrade this product. The technologies derived from this system include: micro-arc deposition repair technology, laser-micro-arc composite production of non-flaking thermal barrier coatings, and laser-micro-arc deposition composite welding technology.

W-PM (powder metallurgy method) repair is another important technological breakthrough of our company in recent years, the method is mainly used for the repair of defects in high temperature casting alloys. The application of this technology is inseparable from the 2 large and medium-sized vacuum heat treatment furnaces and 8 other heat treatment furnaces that the company currently has.

The company's special welding systems include: plasma surfacing machines, TiG / MiG, CMT, various types of welding and plating machines, different types of stress adjustment devices. The coating systems include: plasma sprayers, flame sprayers and arc sprayers. The company has a complete range of restoration equipment and adequate equipment security. A number of process development facilities and equipment appropriate to the company's production are also relatively well equipped. Laboratory equipment: polishing and grinding machines, metallographic microscopes, micro hardness machines, powder mixing and alloying equipment, etc. Inspection and testing equipment: magnetic powder flaw detector, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, fluorescence flaw detector, etc. In the past ten years, the company has been engaged in aircraft engine parts, aircraft structural parts, ground combustion engine hot end parts repair and remanufacturing, and constantly develop and innovate, formed with independent intellectual property rights, independent technical characteristics of a variety of damage workpiece repair technology system, has formed with fixed assets of nearly 20 million yuan, the annual gross product of nearly 10 million high-tech enterprises.

Corporate culture

Survive by labour, develop by technology, regard quality as heaven, take integrity as the basis

Honours received

National pilot unit for remanufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

3A Integrity Enterprise in Liaoning Province.

High-tech enterprises in Liaoning Province.

Technology-based SMEs.

Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Liaoning Province.

A demonstration platform for service-oriented manufacturing in Liaoning Province.


to date

The company was established in April 2006, In September 2006, it was located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Between 2006 and 2011: the foundation was laid and construction started; Relocated here by Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Between 2011 and 2016: Obtained the third-level confidentiality qualification of military industry; The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the remanufacturing pilot unit

Between 2016 and 2021: Shenyang Public Service Platform for Remanufacturing Technology of Gas Turbine Key Components; Liaoning Province 3A Credit Enterprise; Liaoning Province Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Service Platform