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Featured articles

W-PM method (powder metallurgy method)

W-PM method (powder metallurgy method) repair is another important technological breakthrough of our company in recent years. Repair of defects such as surface layer or voids and fatigue cracks. This process is characterized by metallurgical bonding and no deformation of the workpiece. It is suitable for and can obtain metallurgical bonding, large thickness, and high hardness. The replica repair of large defects, the repair temperature can reach the body 80%~100% of the strength, the technology has been successfully applied to the ablation and reconstruction of WJ6G1 briquette-coke tail gas power generation gas turbine blades, as well as the healing of thermal fatigue cracks of C27 and C30 guide blades, especially suitable for AL Ti content greater than 5%. Repair of superalloys. It is being applied to the repair of heavy-duty gas turbine nozzles (guide vanes), which is the first technology in China.

Converter protection

Metal Protection with Strong Corrosive Agents An important device in HF-making enterprises--rotary reaction kettle, when concentrated H2SO4 reacts with CaF to form H2F at about 600°C during the reaction process, H2SO4 and the inner wall of the kettle also cause serious corrosion, and the average corrosion rate It is 30mm/year, causing the kettle body to be scrapped. After our company understands the production process on site, based on a large number of experimental results, the IMR-200 series corrosion-resistant powder and coating application process has been researched and applied to the protection of this kind of reactor. After nearly two years of operation, the surface of the protective layer has no obvious corrosion. , which has been well received by users and is being actively adopted.