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Repairing of Military Aircraft and Civil Aircraft

1, Leaks exceed of military aircraft C-27 radiator repairing, there are about 3000 roots inside the heat exchanger of 5720 factory military aircraft, which is made of wall thickness 0.1mm stainless steel pipe and fractured in the process of service. Our company has been successfully repairing nearly 100 set with the method of decomposition and cutting first and then blocking the leaky pipe, and won a good reputation.

2, Leaks exceed of IL-76 military aircraft radiator repairing, military aircraft radiator is honeycomb structure vertical and horizontal intertwined by ripples and partitions, which is weld fractured and partition deformed and fractured caused by high temperature gas and air conditioning long-term thermal shock and mechanical vibration. Our company effectively solve the thin wall and low melting solder and other difficulties, well plugging the leak with high difficulty, through the vibration and pressure leak detection. In near three years, we has been repaired more than 10 units which are now running well, effectively guarantee the rapid repairing and using of imported military machine.

Other repair products include civil aviation aircraft impeller, wing, landing gear and slide and so on.

Radiator Repair The company has effectively solved the difficulties such as thin wall and low-melting brazing material, welded and blocked air leakage with high difficulty, and passed the vibration and pressure leak detection assessment. In the past three years, more than 10 units have been repaired and operated well, effectively ensuring the rapid repair and use of imported military aircraft.

Landing Gear Repair The material of the landing gear is high-strength steel, which is very difficult to weld and repair. Our company has successfully completed the repair requirements through thousands of process tests.


♦ Titanium alloy integral impeller

♦ Aluminum alloy and superalloy